This account type is designed for the salaried people, small business owners, Diaspora communities and regular remittance (Family support) receivers from outside Somalia and alike people.

It has different benefits and minimal requirements, fees, and charges.

It helps customers receive funds conveniently (Within the country and cross border payments), keep their money safe and spend it whenever and wherever customers need through our network of branches, agents and electronic channels.

  • With this account type, we give you a widely accepted means of payment where you can pay Groceries, shops, Restaurants, Government agencies, transport companies, hotels, Universities, TV companies, Schools, etc.
  • 50 leaf cheque book.
  • MasterCard Debit Card which enables you to make local and international card transactions.
  • Yearly Ledger fee of USD 5 only (Revisable by the bank).
  • Automatically sent digital bank statement on a monthly basis.
  • Convenient and reliable incoming & Outgoing payments/remittances through Swift and other remittance channels and payment gateways (PayPal, Western Union, etc.).


  • Valid, certified copy of National ID, passport or any other ID document approved by the Central Bank of Somalia.

  • The physical address of the customer.

  • Proper declaration and documentation of the customer’s source/volumes of income, nature of business and purpose of account opening.

  • Two passport size recent photos of the individual