How can I open a Dahabshil Bank account?

You can open a savings or current account at any of our banking centers, by phone or online.

How many accounts can I link to my ATM card?

The number of savings or current accounts that can be connected to your ATM card depends on the type of account(s) you have. You can visit any of our Dahabshil Bank branches to determine the exact number, and to link and unlink your accounts.

How can I use the Dahabshil Bank digital banking services?

You can use the Dahabshil Bank services by registering on our online platformHowever, it is vital that you do not share your login details with anyone else to keep your financial and personal information safe. Learn more about account security.

How can I update my contact information?

You can modernize your address, phone number, mobile number or email address by signing in to Online Banking Or visiting one of our branches.

How can I check my account balance?

You can sign in to the online banking platform on our website to check your savings, current or loan accounts. You can also call or visit any of our branches for more information.

How can I change my Online banking password?

You may reset your password by selecting the “Online Banking” option on our website then click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions to change your password.

How can I request for a loan?

At Dahabshil Bank, we provide smart loan options for individuals and businesses. There are several options depending on your specific need. You can click on the loan menu on our website to see our loan options.

How can I order a card?

The process of applying and receiving a debit or credit card is as simple as entering your information into the online card application form on our website and clicking “submit”

How can I order a checkbook?

You can sign into your account on the web and click on the “Order check book” option. Your checkbook order will be processed within the working days after your application has been received.

How can I stop a lost check?

When you need to stop or cancel a lost check, call us and explain why you need to stop payment on the check. We will request for the check details which will enable us cancel the check.

How can I live chat with the bank staff?

You can live chat by clicking on the “Live chat” option on the bottom right hand side of our website.

How can I block my lost card?

Dahabshil Bank allows you to block your lost card remotely by visiting the Cards option menu on our website. You will provide the necessary card details as well as the reason for blocking the card before your request can be evaluated and approved.

How can I report customer mistreatment?

You can fill our complaint form on the Dahabshil Bank website to make known your grievances and we will attend to it promptly.