SCD is be led by a senior, experienced Shari’ah compliance professionals and supported by an adequate team of staff with relevant education and experience.

Head of Shariah Compliance Department

Sheikh Mohamed Hadith Sh Omar Faruq

Sheikh Mohamed Hadith Sh omar faruq, joined DBI in January 2014. He holds bachelor degree and Master both in Arabic & Islamic studies from the International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan in 2004 and MBA in HRM from Preston University Islamabad Pakistan. In addition, he holds high qualifications in Shariah among them Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (CSAA) issued by AAOIFI and Certified Islamic Banker issued by the Council for Islamic banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) both of which are based in Bahrain. Sheikh Mohamed is a professor & Trainer in Islamic Finance in some universities in Muqdisho, Sheikh Mohamed is now a Ph.D. candidate in Islamic banking and Finance. Sheikh Mohamed is the son of a well-known scholar, the late Sheikh Omar Farouk whose knowledge has reaches almost every Somali person across the world.

Current memberships

  • Member of Islamic Economic Dialogue in Saudi Arabia.
  • Founder of sheikh Omar faruq Foundation of dawa & Development.
  • Member of AAOIFI flowers around the globe.

Manager, Shariah Compliance Department

Mr Abdulqani Abdullahi Gulled

Mr Abdulqani Abdullahi Gulled, one of the most senior DBI staff, joined the bank since starting (2011), worked a various positions through the Bank, he is double degree holder, degree in commerce from Osmania University Hyderabad India, and degree of Islamic Jurisprudence from Islamic university of Minnesota USA, he also a candidate of Executive Master of Islamic finance from CIPAFI, Bahrain.

Mr Gulled holds the following certifications:

  • CIB- Certified Islamic Banker from General Council for Islamic Banks & Financial Institutions
  • CSAA-Certified Islamic Advisor and Auditor-from AAOIFI, fellow member