Somaliland:Dahabshil Bank International concludes a fruitful Customer Service Week

Somalilandsun:Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) is committed to implementing apt suggestions made by its customers.
This was revealed during a dinner that DBI hosted for its clients in Hargeisa during which the inaugural Customer Service week was also officially brought to a close.

The weekly even,t which ran from the 23rd to the 29th of November, brought together participants from prominent business personalities and companies who exchanged ideas and suggestions with DBI officials with a view to enhancing services.

The DBI customer Service week closure was graced and addressed by the Dahabshil Group CEO, Abdirashid Mohamed Saeed “Abdirashid Dahabshil”, the DBI Chief Executive Officer, Omar Sheikh, accompanied by several senior officers. Also participating were Representatives from the East African Bank of Djibouti.

To kick-start, the event, Dahabshil Group CEO, Abdirashid MSD, thanked all participants for not only participating but, also, to contributing ideas and suggestions during the week.

According to the CEO, the objective of the customer week event was to avail DBI clients a forum on which their ideas could be integrated into the bank’s operations with a view to enriching services.

“We are committed to ensuring that our development agendas accommodate suggestions and recommendations by clients,” said Abdirashid Dahabshil, adding that this emanates from the fact that the bank can only succeed if its clients succeed too.

The GCEO stated the customer service week event elicited a lot of recommendations following broad discussions which the DBI shall put the more imperative among them on practice.